Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jet Lagged

I have been in Australia for three days now, and it has been and exciting and exhausting adventure. Some of the highlights have been seeing my first wild kangaroo, eating my first Roo Pie (yes, as in kangaroo), seeing the beautiful beach and signing up for a surfing trip at the end of August!

JET LAG has hit me hard since I’ve been here. I have experienced jet lag before when I traveled to Europe and China, but it hasn't affected me quite like this. Australia is 14 hours ahead of Cincinnati, and the time difference has really impacted me. I thought I would adjust quickly by keeping myself busy so that I wouldn’t think about it. Although I have kept plenty busy with orientation, exploring, etc., I have been completely wiped by 5 p.m. every day. It also doesn’t help that the sun goes down around 4:30 p.m. here, which completely confuses my body into thinking it is time for bed.
I am determined to beat the lag tonight as a bunch of people are getting together for an official welcome party at the school’s club house. 

ORIENTATION is three days long and so far I have attended several helpful sessions that inform us all about the campus and university procedures. I got my official USC id card and my bus pass, which is already loaded with $65! I can use the bus to travel to a large shopping plaza, Mooloolaba Beach (see picture below), and various places in the town of Sippy Downs.

One of the most important investments I’ve made so far is in an international cell phone. I went to a place called Crazy John’s to buy a cell phone and it is free to text and call all other Crazy John customers. Thankfully all of my Elon friends used the same company and it is easy and free to communicate with each other. The limited selection of cell phones resulted in about 10 of us with the same phone, and we often would take each other’s phone by mistake. In an effort to eliminate this constant confusion I took the initiative to personalize mine (see picture below).

I have had an incredible time the past few days, and I’ve people have been nothing but friendly and welcoming! I will keep everyone updated as often as I can!

Much Love,

Tessa xoxoxoxooxoxox


  1. Hi Tessa- who would think jet lag affected you so much. What courses will you be taking. Love G & G

  2. Lo it's me. Sorry I don't remember our conversation yesterday. I was super tired. Evedently we talked for a few minutes. I would love to know what you had to say!
    xo, nol.