Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mojo Surf Camp and Byron Bay

I can honestly say I’ve had one of the most exciting and thrilling weekends of my life. If you read my last post, you will know that my skydiving experience was both terrifying and rewarding. As much as I had to say about that, there is another part of my weekend that I didn’t get to write about!

The whole reason I signed up for this weekend trip was to try my hand at surfing. We stayed two nights at the Mojo Surf resort called Spot X in Arrawarra, New South Wales. The three of us who went skydiving missed out on the first surfing lesson, so as soon as we returned to the surf camp we were told that we would receive additional help before the afternoon lesson that day.
A- University of the Sunshine Coast
B- Mojo Surf Camp in Arrawarra
C- Byron Bay    

I was slightly nervous about surfing because I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to actually get up. I grew up on the water boating, tubing, and water skiing, so I hoped my past experiences on the water would assist me with surfing. I’m pleased to say I think they did! After riding in the first wave laying flat on the board, I was ready to stand, or try to at least! With one or two failed attempts, I finally got it (the surf instructors were extremely helpful and it was kind of impossible to fall when they were helping)! After getting the hang of it, we were on our own. I had such a great time, and I felt like I was the girl from Soul Surfer (minus the whole shark attack thing)! The two-hour lesson flew by, and I did not want to get out of the water! I looked forward to getting back out there the next morning.

Friday night the group enjoyed dinner and spending time by the bonfire. There was dancing and music, and some people even brought marshmallows to roast. There were a few people who had never heard of s'mores, so those of us who did know had to explain exactly how fantastic they are (although words don’t really do them justice)!

Saturday proved to be another successful day on the water, and one of the ex-pros brought his dogs out on the water to surf with us! Honestly, the two dogs were much better than any of us, and they have 5 years of surfing experience. It was just too funny to see two dogs riding the waves on a surfboard!
After our morning lesson, the group got back on the big bus and headed north 3 hours to Byron Bay. We stayed at this very cool hostel called the Arts Factory, and it was truly one of a kind! Each room was different and painted a certain theme. A group of 10 of us stayed in Space Room (looked like we were in outer space). Saturday night we had a delicious pizza dinner, and went out to two different bars, Woody’s and Cheeky Monkey’s. Cheeky Monkey’s was really neat because everyone is allowed, and encouraged, to dance on the tables. It was a fun night!

The next morning several of us went to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, which is, “Australia's most easterly light being situated on the most easterly point of the mainland.”  The view was beautiful and it really felt like a piece of paradise. Pictures, again, just don’t do it justice.

After seeing the lighthouse, we hiked down back down to the main part of town and got to do a little bit of shopping. It is definitely a hippie town. There were lots of different shops with incense, long skirts, and tie-dye. We walked around for an hour or two before heading back to school.
I can honestly say I had one of the best weekends of my life. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone skydiving, and I thoroughly enjoyed surfing. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have while I am here. I continue to savor every moment of my time left. It is hard to believe a moth and a half have already gone by. I’m looking forward to seeing my Mom and Dad in a few short weeks when they come to visit over mid-semester break!

I miss you all, and I hope all of my Elon friends had a great first week of class!


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