Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I came to Australia with a group of people who are extremely athletic. From dance team, to club tennis, my friends know how to stay in shape. I have found inspiration through them as they wake up at the crack of dawn (or causally around 10) every morning to get their daily exercise. Knowing how beneficial exercise can be, I decided to go along on the various workouts. Whether jogging around the loop with Alexandra, mom-walking with Haley, or jumping in a freezing cold pool to swim laps with Andie, I would venture to say that I am becoming sporty.

I have accepted the fact that my sister Haley got the athletic gene in our family, and it has become apparent through my history of team sports. There was one situation a week or so ago where my friend Jenny and I were swimming towards a sandbar with 10 other friends. We couldn’t figure out why everyone else was getting farther and farther away from us until we realized we weren’t really swimming anywhere. (Mom, you are going to hate this, but I am fine and you can skip this next section). Suddenly we hear over a loud speaker the lifeguards on shore. He said, in his cute Aussie accent, “May I have your attention, two female swimmers, you are drifting into the rip. Conditions are decreasing and if you need lifeguard assistance please raise one hand.” Jenny and I are frantically trying to get away from the rip by swimming to the side as we were instructed. This was probably not the best time to inform Jen that I had only been on swim team for one day! We are slowly making our way to shore when the lifeguard comes back on the mic and asks, “Are you strong swimmers?” We finally let the waves bring us into shore and we are safe on land again. We have learned our lesson and from now on we will only swim between the red and yellow flags.

My experience on swim team (for one day) taught me that the shark team swimsuit wasn’t worth the laps I had to swim to earn it. My mom calls that event, “Our donation to the Y.” So maybe swimming wasn’t my thing. In 6th grade I tried my hand at basketball. I lasted almost ½ the season before I called it quits. Throughout the rest of middle school and high school I tried softball, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics and one year on the tennis team! I even went to a Crew interest meeting, but nothing came of that. Throughout my years on various athletic teams, I have learned that I do not like contact sports, and I am still searching to find that one activity that I love. I think my history of inconsistency with athletic teams mirrors my current state in determining my future. I have tested out many different majors by taking a class or two in Biology, Psychology, Sociology, declaring Business Management, and switching to Strategic Communications, but I really still don’t know what I want to do with my career! Everybody tells me that I have plenty of time, and nobody really knows what they want to do, but times-a-ticking! I know I’ll figure it out someday, but it would be nice to know now.

In the attempt of becoming healthy, comes a change in diet. I briefly mentioned this in my last post, but I am working hard to buy healthier food options such as salad and chicken, rather than cereal and instant noodles. With these healthier food choices comes more work. I am used to the convenience of cereal or pasta where you simply have to add milk or water, and you are set. Here I am learning that patience is a virtue and these tasty and healthy meals are worth the extra time and prep.
Cadillac prepares his famous Taco Pie. It was delicious and I hope to have more in the near future!

With limited options, I am forced to get creative with my meals. At home, I am used to having a fully stocked fridge at my fingertips with anything I could possibly need or want. Here, I forget that I don’t have everything I am used to, and if I go out and buy lettuce, fruits, and cheese, to make a salad, I also should have bought salad dressing. Here is a snapshot of a delicious salad I made for lunch today. I added kiwi, pairs, red beans, and tuna for some protein. At home, Mom makes tuna salad with lots of different ingredients to make that fishy taste unrecognizable. I scoured the shelves of the refrigerator only to find mustard. Instead of salad dressing, I was able to use oil and salt. It was something new and different and trying new things is all a part of this experience!

I recently deleted a folder on my computer that I hadn't used in years. I didn't know that it contained my entire iPhoto library. I was feeling upset having deleted all of my pictures so Haley, Alexandra and I decided to make brownies to cheer me up. Unfortunately they did not turn our as planned. See attached.  We first realized that the ovens here measure temperature in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, which explains why I have burnt many of my meals. And without measuring cups, we just estimated how much oil and water to add. This was the result. (Just as a side-note, I am taking my computer to the Apple Store in Brisbane this weekend hoping they can recover my pictures! I will keep you updated:)
We tried so hard to have brownies and ice-cream. We certainly tried our best:)
(But really, how did we completely screw up brownies?!)

I am continuing to enjoy taking long walks with friends and admiring the beautiful scenery. Here are some pictures from a path where we walk Classes are going well, and I am looking forward to a trip to Brisbane this weekend! I miss you all so much:)


  1. I had no idea that you had such athletic ADD. Great post! I love cooking and am on a quest to make as many things from scratch as I cream, bread, pickles, graham crackers, pasta, yogurt, tortillas, least you care about exercising and eating well. With that mindset, you can't go wrong.
    Don't get caught in the riptide again!

  2. Hello Miss Sunshine
    We like you just the way you are. Put on some good music and move n groove!!!
    G & I have been taking dancing lessons at Arthur Murray- we love it 1-2 cha-cha-cha
    Did I ever tell you my Dad met my Mom when he went in for dancing lessons at Arthur Murray. My Mom was the receptionist.
    Miss you-love you
    G & G