Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, and it is currently raining on the Sunshine Coast, so I figured I’d write while I wait for the rain to lighten up! It is hard to believe I only have 16 more days in this beautiful country. I have loved my experience so far, and I am trying to savor ever minute of my last two weeks.

I’ve been doing some exciting things the past few weeks, in addition to going to class of course! One of my favorite activities I’ve done recently was Paddle boarding in a small town just North of us called Noosa. If you’ve never gone, you should definitely give it a go, but let me warn you, it’s not as easy as it looks! I didn’t think I’d have a problem, because I have pretty good balance, and I can ride a unicycle for goodness sake, but I was seriously mistaken. I think my friends would agree that I spent more time in the water, than on top of the board. Our instructor was also trying to teach us the newest trend in paddle boarding, which is paddleboard yoga. Basically you have to contort your body into these strange positions, while balancing on a small board. He said it was supposed to be relaxing, but most of us found it challenging yet entertaining!

Just last weekend a group of us went to Buderim Falls, which was just a quick bus ride away. We were under the impression it would be a full day of hiking and adventure that would lead us to a beautiful waterfall. There was a waterfall, and some hiking, but the majority of the hiking was from the bus stop to the trail. Once we were on the trail, it was a 5-10 minute walk to a small, yet beautiful waterfall. We were all pretty hot at that point, simply because it is almost summer here, and it is hot and humid everyday. We cooled off in the chilly water and just spent some time relaxing by the falls. It was still a fun day and it was nice to see some new scenery.

Today is Halloween, which I learned is not nearly as big a deal here as it is at home. When I run through the neighborhoods here, there are no decorations, no pumpkins and no hay bales! What?! It really is not as hyped up here, and children don’t typically dress up or go trick or treating. The grocery store has a small table of candy, and minimal decorations, but other than that, you wouldn’t know it was Halloween. The Americans that make up the majority of our housing complex are really excited about Halloween, and a few people are throwing a party tonight to celebrate. I am dressing up as Katniss from the Hunger Games, and I have my own homemade bow and arrow set ready to go! It should be fun to celebrate and get in the holiday spirit.

UPDATE: Pictures

This week is our last week of classes, which is so hard to believe! I just have 2 more classes left in the semester! Next week we have a “Study Week”, which we learned is designed for traveling and exploring Australia before finals. I am looking forward to going to Cairns to snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef this weekend! I originally didn’t think I would have an opportunity to see the reef while I was here, but thanks to study break, I will! When we get back from Cairns, we will have a week to study and then take finals. My last final is November 15th and I am on a flight home on November 16th! I love Australia, but I am looking forward to being home for Thanksgiving.

I will try to post one more time before I leave, updating y’all on Cairns! I miss everyone, and I look forward to seeing everyone when I get back! (PS I will be at Elon for the Luminaries at the end of November!)

Aussie Love,


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